How to strengthen your friendship

Friends are important in everyone’s life because they brighten our lives by bring more joy and laughter and giving emotional support during tough times. However, sometimes we might be so busy with our lives that we even start to forget to check in with our friends. It shouldn’t be so, instead, we should aim in strengthening our friendship bond. Some of the ways that can help in strengthening of friendship include;


1. Put yourself in their shoes
It’s important to show compassion and understanding to your friends. Understand the challenges that they are facing in their lives and what it takes for them to be your friend. Always be willing to compromise and empathize with them.


2. Be open to sharing things that make you feel vulnerable
By sharing things with your friend that makes your vulnerable it helps in increasing the emotional intimacy between you two and thus strengthen your friendship. Make sure that every moment counts in your friendship.


3. Occasionally remind them of a good memory
By sharing an old and funny good memory with your friend it helps in solidifying your common history. It also lets them know that you are thinking of them even if they are far away.


4. Celebrate their achievements
It’s good to celebrate your friend’s good news such as employment or a promotion, giving birth to a baby among other achievements. According to research, when we respond positively to other people’s good news they tend to feel more understood, cared for and validated which helps to enhance your relationship.


5. Use your free time to check in with your friends
Take advantage of your free time to talk to your friends. This helps you to keep track of things happening in their lives and to strengthen your friendship bond. You can make use of social media platforms such as facetime, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. to communicate with them.


6. Show concern when your friend is going through tough times
It’s important to follow up if your friend is going through a rough time and letting them know that you are thinking of them. Walk the journey with them by keenly listening.


7. Create new experiences
Create new memories with your friends even if you have to take classes for an activity you both love, this helps in cementing your relationship. You can also decide to engage yourself in healthy habits such as meditation, doing exercises or other healthy activities.